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Eagle Rubber Coatings

Approved Applicator near you: Standerton / Volksrust / Vrede / Ermelo
Eagle Rubber Coatings
Johan Arendt
Cel: 083 225 3212 / 071 177 9914



What makes Eco Rubber unique:
Eco Rubber is an Acrylic polymer emulsion coating engineered to provide exceptional adhesive, elastic & protective properties

Environmentally friendly & safe
•VOC free •Non toxic •No special permitting needed •All products are solvent-free •Non-flammable •No special clothing needed for application

Industrial Involvement
Eco Rubber products are widely used in the following industries:
•Oil and gas •Marine industries •Gas transportation •Building construction •Industrial and agricultural
•Mining and Ore processing •Water containment and processing •Food processing & Abattoirs.


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